You Can’t Erase The Truth: Brittany Farrar To Jordan Rodgers

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After the much talked about split between Brittany and Jordan and after the very bold act of Jordan in which he removed all his posts with Brittany, she took to the famous social networking site, Instagram quoting the famous quote “You can’t handle the truth” for her ex Jordan who recently deleted all her posts with Brittany. She also posted a short video in which she came up with a few bills from a florist and revealed that Jordan was dating another woman while in relation with Brittany.

Further adding ‘You can delete the posts but you can’t erase the truth’ she hash tagged several pics #IvegotLotsMoreProof. She clearly meant that she took the relationship seriously and was never down when she was with him claiming that she didn’t delete the posts of them together.

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She has clearly marked Jordan as a fecund liar and a trickster and now its time for Jordan to wait for more such posts and edit that can actually make him fall in trouble.

Now all the talk is about whether this new gossip will destroy the relationship between JoJo Fletcher and Jordan or not because if Brittany still keeps up with this trend of revealing things up, it is surely going to exploit the new blooming love between the pair. While such gossips keep on tracing celebs life all we wish is that things end well beautifully without any further problems. All we need to sense is a new story!


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