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Tony Bennett’s 90th Birthday Celebrations in San Francisco

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Last Friday was a day of celebration for San Francisco and it was all about Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday bash. It was a grand bash with all the fun and the main highlights included the unleashing of the 8 foot tall bronze statue of Tony Bennett. The birthday celebration was in the famous Fairmont Hotel, which has a great memory to account for. Here he sang his first song I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” The celebration included speeches, musical performances and extolment for the fabled.

I can’t get over what just happened,” said Bennett, whose birthday celebration was up. “That’s the most beautiful statue I have ever seen. It will live in my heart forever. Thank you for being so wonderful to me. I’ll never forget this day,” he said in praise.

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“He’s San Francisco,” said Marty Jewett who is a hardcore Bennett fan. further added “I think he keeps all the generations within his repertoire. I love his voice and his longevity.” Also Margaret Baker was seen sharing besides Jewett and said “I think Tony Bennett represents the best in Italian-American entertainment going back for generations,” Baker said.

Tony has been serving San Francisco since ages and now it was time for the city to return back all the favours and what could be more beautiful than this, a fantastic birthday celebration and a bright shining Tony Bennett statue. Also in honour the famous Humphry Slocombe ice cream shop will be presenting a new flavour named ‘Duet’ which will have vanilla ice cream twiddled with limoncello sorbet and fennel biscotti and all of this is to honour the great gentleman and the Italian heritage.

Matt Roberts dies at 38

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Matt Roberts who was the guitarist of the famous band 3 Doors Down has expired at the age of 38. The news was confirmed in the morning by his father who revealed that the painkillers in his prescription are the basic reason behind his death and that the overdose of the medicines may have culminated it and led to his death.According to his father, Darrell Roberts his performance was scheduled today and that he practiced late night for it. In the morning of August 20 he was woken up dead at 9am in the morning in a hotel in West Bend.

Roberts has been a great artist and that he was a part of 3 Doors Down in the year 2000 when the rock band grew to ultimate fame. He has also give several solo performances and merged performances as well. Even after his leaving the rock band forcefully his fame did not vanish and that many of his music concerts and evenings gathered great crowd.

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Darrell reported all of this to TMZ and minutes after his reporting the social media was full of messages for the late guitarist. The investigation is up and the autopsy reports are likely to turn up the coming weak. Also, till now there has been no official regnant involved in relation to the case but soon there will be some reports shown up.

With the death of several eminent people of the industry this year here is another end of a wonderful soul, may his soul rest in peace.